Need to send your loved ones things like, clothes, toys, books, weave, wigs, pencils, hair straighteners or slow cookers???…
Then shippabox is for you…
Call us at SkyNet Worldwide Express 0208 538 1900 or Email

Choose from 2 sizes of boxes:

Box Max Weight Price Dims City
Box 1 7 KG £48.00* 40x25x25 ACCRA, GHANA LAGOS, NIGERIA
Box 2 15 KG £82.95* 40x35x35 ACCRA, GHANA LAGOS, NIGERIA

*Prices include collection fees only, customs fees may be incurred.
Please ensure you have accurate weight details and can provide a detailed description of what you are sending for customs purposes. Please check the prohibited items list as your box will be sent via Air, and airline security applies.

Booking is Simple

  • Speak to us about what you want to send
  • We deliver the box straight to you
  • Once your box is packed and ready to go, you can arrange a collection time or you can drop the box off to our depot
  • A label will be printed for you with a tracking number for your box
  • We will X-ray, weigh and scan your box at our depot
  • Your box is then ready to be sent
  • Track your box online until delivery

Should any prohibited items be found they will be removed and destroyed your box will then be sent to their destination.

Don’t forget we can ship parcels up to 30kg at additional cost.

Christmas Cut Off Times

Destination Date Time
Africa Main Cities 14/12/2018 16:00

The above dates are provided to achieve delivery on or before the 23rd December.
Many companies may be closed on the 24th December and therefore delivery will not be possible not be possible.
Delivery times are not guaranteed and are subject to uncontrollable airline delays.
Deliveries to non-EU countries are subject to customs clearance and thus delays may occur.
Parcels held due to non-compliance will be subject to delivery delays.

Prohibited Items

  • No Aerosols
  • No precious jewellery, stones or metals, bullion’s, antiques
  • No Live Plants
  • No documents or files of extremist material
  • No Animals including insects, hatching eggs, birds, ivory or fur
  • No Pornography
  • No liquid medicines, or illegal drugs and narcotics
  • No currency notes, credit cards, traveller’s cheque, passports
  • No human remains including ashes
  • No dangerous goods, hazardous or flammable materials (including asbestos, dry-ice, perfume, nail varnish and paint
  • No firearms or part thereof, weapons and ammunition
  • No Counterfeit or pirated goods or materials (including CD,VCD and DVD)
  • No Iphones, Ipads, laptops
  • No Lithium batteries

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